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Queasy Pop Drops
"Hi. I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your queasy pop drops. I have a very weak stomach so I get nauseous a lot and these always do the trick. The drops also taste great They're a lifesaver! Thanks for making such a great product."

Preggie Pops
I just want to say that I am not pregnant, and because of certain health things probably never will be. I LOVE these things! I have acid reflux problems and these help! Most medications don't. People at work laugh when I reach into my bag and pull out a PREGGIE POP for the women who are pregnant! Not only do they help my heart burn, but because of my queasy stomach, I get nauseated easily. These are great for that also! I love these things! Nothing else that I have taken for the heartburn helps the way that these do. They help more than the prescriptions I have taken. At least more consistently! And I am not putting all those medications into my body! Thanks!!!

Preggie Pops
This is my 5th pregnancy and I usually have "all day sickness". Yesterday I walked into Babies "R" Us and they had your Preggie Pops sitting next to the cash register. I thought "what the heck" and bought a variety package. I have used two so far today and they worked so well I felt I could eat. Usually, I have to try to find a bag of "lemon heads" and then worry about whether or not my children might get into them and choke on the small round balls. But this is really a life saver. I love the different sour flavors, the convenience of it being on a stick. It's easy and a non-choke hazard to share with my little ones when they want to try what mom has. Thank you. I am so excited by this product that I am going to buy several bags of these and give one to each of 6 other women in my family who are also pregnant right now.
A.W. - Augusta, GA

Queasy Pops
Thank you Queasy Pops. When my doctor changed me from one arthritis medicine to another I suffered terrible nausea as a side effect. A friend at work recommended Queasy Pops and they worked like a charm! Now I keep them in the glove compartment of my car all of the time. Often I don't even finish a pop; I just put it back in its wrapper when it does the trick and save it for the next time.
EJY, California

Queasy Pops
I've been chronically ill with 3rd Stage Lyme disease for 6 (almost 7) years. One of my main symptoms is nausea and vomiting ~ but I dare say - your Queasy Pops are a miracle! I much prefer drug free products ~ I have enough medications running through my system. Honesty I couldn't believe that a lolly pop would work so well for one of the most horrible aspects of my disease. I've been nauseated every day, as soon as I wake up, for well over 2000 days. But now I don't need to suffer as much. Thank you so much for the relief your product offers. It was such a blessing to find!

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