Bed Rest: Maintaining Your Sanity

Posted on 4/30/2013 by Josh Hoffman in bedrest photos books visitors organizing

Have you been assigned to bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy? It's not so bad! Here are some tips to help you pass the time before your bundle of joy comes!

Bed rest, the two words no pregnant woman wants to hear because they lead to two more words: NOW WHAT?  Sometimes bed rest is expected and can be planned for ahead of time and sometimes it comes as a sudden shock. Either way, after the second or third day, it gets really old. Honestly, how much daytime tv can a woman take before her mind turns to complete mush?  Keeping your mind active while letting your body rest is important.  A few ideas to keep you occupied:

  • Create lists of tasks or errands that you need help with so that when friends and family offer help, you can easily tell them what you need.
  • Create a schedule for yourself. That may sound ridiculous when you're feeling stuck, but it gives you a routine, even if it isn't quite what you'd had in mind. Get up at the same time.  Change into comfortable clothes.  Plan your shower time and meal times. If you're allowed to do light chores, plan those too. Be careful to stay well within your doctor's bed rest parameters. If you're not sure you can do a certain activity, ask!
  • If you're able to work from home, plan to do so at the same time every day.
  • Fill out insurance forms in advance for your unborn child.
  • Keep a pregnancy journal for your unborn child.
  • If you're into social media, start a blog and share the link with family and friends. Use Facebook or other social media sites to keep up on all the latest news with your friends.  It may help to keep you feeling connected to the outside world.
  • Outfit your nursery via online shopping. Don't forget to order lots of diapers. They go fast!
  • Organize photo albums or scrapbooks. Yes, those projects you want to tackle and never had time for may be calling your name now.
  • Read anything and everything. Magazines, novels, blogs, parenting books, anything to give you something to think about and provide an escape. 
  • Stream or rent movies to watch.
  • Plan to have visitors coming at times that are most convenient and comfortable for you. Space them out so that you aren't having too many people over in a short span of time only to have no one over for two weeks.

Above all, talk to your doctor and understand exactly how much you can move around. Exercising your legs to prevent blood clots will be important if you're laid up for a long time. Your doctor will tell you how to do this safely. Remember, it's not forever!




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