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Forget "morning" sickness, I have "all day sickness" and can't keep anything down. I want to try Preggie Pops but can you give me any other tips for morning sickness?

You are not alone. "Morning sickness" is somewhat of a misnomer because many women do suffer throughout the day. Try to relax and eat only what sounds good to you for the time being. This phase should pass sooner or later. Some food is better than no food.

Always keep your health care provider informed of what is going on during this time to insure the best care. Some women will actually need to have intravenous fluids due to dehydration. Your healthcare provider needs to be aware of your condition to help you maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Other tips include:
1) A snack of protein plus carbohydrate (cheese or peanut butter and crackers)
2) Mixing salty and tart (lemonade and potato chips)
3) Avoiding large meals, greasy foods, and strong smelling foods.
4) You might try keeping a nonperishable snack next to your bed and eating it before you get up for the day.

5) Get some fresh air.

Remember, the baby acts as a good parasite and is quite small in the first three months, nutrition-wise you are the one more likely to suffer (i.e., anemia) if it continues throughout, or beyond, the 1st three months.

Take solace in the fact that morning sickness is considered a positive sign of pregnancy.


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