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What are some of the habitual behavior patterns of smokers?

Smoking behaviors that smokers enjoy include:

  • taking the cigarette out of the box and looking at it
  • holding the cigarette between the lips, striking a match or lighter, and lighting the tip 
  • the first, very deep, inhalation
  • moving the cigarette in and out of the mouth between inhalations
  • watching the way fingers hold the cigarette between inhalations, just as the taste and feel of the inhaled smoke is experienced by the brain.
  • watching the exhaled smoke dissipate into the surrounding air

People who smoke associate both the stimulating and relaxing elements of smoking with these behaviors. These behaviors can become so ingrained that they actually become a learned response that feels good to smokers. The more these rituals are performed, the better the smoker feels. Unfortunately, these patterns are as much a contributor to smoking addiction as the nicotine itself. 


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